Friday, March 27, 2020

Karyn Pugliese Canadian Nieman Fellow 2020

Karyn Pugliese is making the best of the interruption to her Nieman year…as of March 23, 2020…

“It is not so bad here” she says.
“Harvard did put classes online and Nieman foundation is doing their best.

The Nieman crowd in the meantime is all working together to make the year as good as it can be.
We are making the most of the year together while still following social distancing rules.
Some of it is actually pretty great.

I said it felt like we were in a Zombie apocalypse movie.
Maybe that’s why someone suggested visiting historic cemetery together.
Odd thing to do, but it is quite beautiful there. It was a small group of 5 and we stayed six feet apart.

Other ‘socially distant events’ included an online Bday party.
We have online happy hours every day at 5 pm.”

Karyn’s sounding was published in the Fall 2019 Nieman Reports you can read it here: